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Dropped Charges

In lots of cases, we can get your case dropped even before the charges are filed.

Trial Defense

If unacceptable evidence is an important factor, we can easily file “Motion to Suppress” Pre-trial.

Reduced Charges

Our lawyers can also negotiate with a prosecutor for greatly reduced charges.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers

Our law firm is a professional, full-service firm with years of criminal know-how. We know all the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and how to efficiently negotiate with the other party. We will fight aggressively to get your charge dropped or your jail time, fees or penalty reduced.

Other than handling your case personally from arraignment to trial, our criminal lawyers are readily available during each step of the whole legal procedure. We also guarantee that you will definitely get the personal, undivided attention that you deserve from us.


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Best Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers

Years Of Combined Experience

Dealing with a warrant, DUI or arrest can be quite intimidating. The prosecution can risk the loss of a job, jail time, your future and more. We are available to help you. If you or your loved one is experiencing charges, we are on your end to protect you.

We will fight aggressively to get you the best outcome possible, keep you away from jail and reduce charges. Even if you’re facing a felony, DUI or misdemeanor charge, we can assist you instantly.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

When you are facing any kind of criminal charges, you require Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles CA team with experience and expertise, who are accessible to confidently and quickly take your case, who will go an extra mile to investigate your case thoroughly and who gets the best result possible inside or outside the court.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer understand that being charged or arrested with a crime can be a frightening experience. Our mission is to tenaciously and aggressively defend our clients, before a case reaches to the courtroom! You should know your rights and act to immediately protect them.

Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles With Years Of Experience

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys have years of combined legal knowledge and credentials that only a few defense law firms can really match. Our reputation is known throughout Los Angeles. Our Criminal Attorney Los Angeles CA team handles serious criminal cases throughout Los Angeles.

Specializing in All Types of Criminal Defense Matters

We are a powerhouse Criminal Attorney Los Angeles CA team of ex-senior prosecutors who specialize in aggressive defense to every misdemeanor, DUI, and felony offense. Our lawyers are known throughout the local courts by prosecutors and judges for their reputation, experience, legal acumen, and courtroom results. We have had many notable courtroom victories for defending DUI and Criminal cases in courtrooms of Los Angeles.

Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles CA – Criminal Defense Expertise In Los Angeles

Our Criminal Attorney Los Angeles team brings knowledge of the local courts’ practices and culture to defense of the people like you that have been charged for felony, DUI, and misdemeanor crimes in the Los Angeles.

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    Criminal Attorney Los Angeles CA – You Meet the Associates and Partners Who Litigate Your Cases, Not any Case Manager

    Our Los Angeles Criminal Attorney associates and partners personally to litigate your criminal case. Many online law firms extol their “expertise” and virtues in DUI and criminal defense matters; however in actuality specialize in marketing. With them, you don’t meet your Los Angeles Criminal Attorney at the very first meeting, but with case manager instead. Our firm doesn’t have any case administrator preparing, or working on, your case for the court room. In our law firm, you’ll speak to the attorney on your own case and have updates on your case’s status on a regular basis. It is of greatest significance for you to decide which criminal defense lawyer will actually deal with your case at critical proceeding. You have the rights to know this data before you keep hold of a firm’s defense service. Depending on the harshness of the charge you are facing with, your case will be personally handled always by our Los Angeles Criminal Attorney team.

    Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer – Dedication to Our Clients

    Our Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is committed to our clients. So, we work very hard and always do whatever is in their interests. We carefully listen to them as many of them are individuals who feel as if they are not listened to adequately.  Our clients come for our assistance when they want to and suggest us to their friends and family. A few of our customers are third-generation.

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